Farmm Critters

Here we have of the few ridiculous animals that live here on WooHoo Farms. The dog…

The dog, again.

Next we have Blackie, one of the ducklings. Unfortunately, Blackie didn’t make it…

…but she’ll live forever in that sideways stink-eye.

A pig.

Another pig…

Aren’t they cute? And potentially so delicious.


Look closely…notice the bees. And isn’t the hive a lovely colour? (That’s Greg for you!)

And finally (so far), the chickens in their new home.

Who’s that handsome devil?

And now, in honour of our recently deceased pigs…

Ducks. Now older, but probably none the wiser.

And now, a goat…

A Devilish creature.

And another…

A chicken with no feathers on its neck!

And now for something completely different…a drunk cat!

Isn’t he adorable?!


One Response to Farmm Critters

  1. Woohoo Burns says:

    Andrew, this really is a bizarre time when you live there and we don’t. So I’m living at my own home, vicariously through you. Your pictures are stunning. I can’t believe how big the chickens are!! See you and the critters in a few days.

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