The Learning continues…

So, if you decide to breed pigs…well, be prepared for some surprises.

First, pigs grow quite large. Large enough to kill you, if they should ever wish to. The trick is to make sure they never really want to kill you. And strong fences.

Second, you will wake up one day and find that some little, darling piglets have just appeared in the pen overnight and that there are a few well-established procedures one must undertake.

You have to give the little piglies a shot of iron. That took a little doing, some humming and hawing, a few tentative pokes but okay, check! Done.

Next you are supposed to clip their teeth. Sounds gross, and to tell the truth I wasn’t enthused about doing it – nor, it seems, was the first little piglet to cross my dentist chair. But okay, check! Done.

And so, here is where the rubber meets the road – so to speak – and the next, and final action is to castrate the boys. (oh god!)

That’s going to happen tomorrow.

The learning never ends. But sometimes I wish it would!



(Not sure who these men are exactly, but that sure is a big pig! Big enough, I reckon, to kill a man, or two…but not four. He was not big enough to do that.)



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2 Responses to The Learning continues…

  1. Matt Lewis says:

    Yikes, good luck!

  2. Duncan says:

    Don’t do it – think of the line.
    Take care

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