A little-known fact…

As everyone knows, (or doesn’t, as I suspect is the case) ducks just love climbing on top of compost heaps and having a look around. Or just ‘heaps’ in general.

If this is something with which you are already acquainted, I apologise for beating you over the head with a dead turkey – as the old expression goes – but I just thought there might be a few of you out there that didn’t know about this curious and humourous duck behaviour and might also be interested in learning more about it.

Now, it could be just WooHoo ducks that love climbing up on top of compost heaps and having a look around. It is true that a brief Google search netted me precisely ONE photo of ducks on a compost heap – and they weren’t even at the top having a look around – so maybe this is a peculiar trait to the ducks who live here. Or, alternatively, it may be that there are just so many compost heaps around the farm here that the ducks have no choice but to climb to the top and have a look around.

duck on a compost heap

Now you know. And next time you drive by a farm, take a look and see if you can catch a glimpse of a duck on top of a compost heap. It’s pretty funny. Almost as funny as geckos.


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