Birth Announcement

Okay, while perhaps premature, and perhaps even in violation of the age-old adage that one should never count one’s chicks before they’re a few days old – or am I confusing something here? – I would like to announce the most recent additions to WooHoo Farm: four new baby chicks hatched by one of our own hens!!

Now, I understand. Maybe you’re saying to yourself, “So what’s the big deal?! That’s what chickens do! Get a grip Andrew.”

Well, let me provide a little context. Last week was a stressful week, full of maimed animals; and even a few dead ones. Nothing major, but definitely a shitty way to begin one’s day…pulling squished chickens out of a coop before breakfast. Unpleasant to say the least. It seemed as though every day a new calamity awaited me at the barn. And now, everywhere I look, I see dead chicks. Every lump on the ground, every twig even remotely resembling a chicken foot fills me with a moment of anxiety. Anyways, I won’t go into too much detail, but let it stand on record that I was (and maybe still am) beginning to go a little loopy.

But Sunday morning, out of the chicken coop came four little chicks, newborn and adorable, with their proud mama. How do I know she was proud? I don’t. I rather doubt chickens experience the same rich emotional life as humans, but she was definitely a mama, and they were her babies. What a breath of fresh air. The cycle of life, so long stalled on the death end of things finally swung around and gave us some new life.

There is something magical in the arrival of new life on the farm, and such a welcome relief from all the death that is now so much part of our lives. They are hope and the possibility of a future all rolled into four tiny little bodies. And even if they don’t all make it – as is all-too likely – they are a most welcome addition to the farm.

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One Response to Birth Announcement

  1. Duncan says:

    Photo’s please!
    How are you doing – farm back in full production mode following the winter break?

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