A bit of a shave

Generally, I like to keep the content here at Mutton Monologues strictly business, offering only good, prudent advice and keen observations about the nature of farm life. But today I thought I’d share something slightly whimsical: a picture of me!

Well, actually two pictures of me.

Here’s me in my Jim James phase…

And now me in my hardcore Ontario farmer phase…

I have to admit, I kinda like it.

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3 Responses to A bit of a shave

  1. Melva says:

    Good job guys, now what about the beard, that crowd likes them too!!! You look great!

  2. jim says:

    Gosh, with either picture, if you had a slightly too small stolen bicycle you would fit right in with a certain segment of Surrey’s population.

  3. Duncan says:


    You were well on your way to being a “Grizzly Adams” look-a-like oooohhhhhh. (hope you can see the attached image)
    That ‘windswept and interesting’ look.
    Interesting that the photos all have beer in the background.
    Hope all is well – what are you growing, planting , eating on the farm at this time of year?
    Take care

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