Always Wash your Vegetables

I’d never really thought much about it, but being a farmer actually involves a lot of standing around in, working with, and just all-around existing alongside of shit. Sorry, manure. Sounds better doesn’t it? And is perhaps less disagreeable to sensitive ears.

Whether you’re a potato farmer, work exclusively in poultry, or have a little bit of everything on the farm, you’re always dealing with some form of animal excrement at some stage of decomposition. Here, we have chicken shit, duck poop, hog do-do, dog crap, cat feces, and now goat droppings. This list does not include the copious amounts of sheep (and indeed some llama) shit that remain from the farm’s previous life. Some is good, some bad. But it’s all everywhere. We’re always walking in it, kicking it, touching it in some manner. I hardly really notice anymore.

So, just in case you’re thinking of inviting a farmer over for dinner…they’re probably covered in shit! Don’t bother cleaning up beforehand. And remember, always wash your vegetables, organic or not, before eating. Just good, prudent advice.

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One Response to Always Wash your Vegetables

  1. Pearl Randall says:

    Am really pleased to see you are back! I missed your musings!
    I think this is a blog to be published in a newspaper Andrew.
    Your reminder to always wash the veggies is really important!
    Thanks for sharing your experiences!
    Pearl ( Margaret’s friend in Victoria)

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