I’m back, baby! I’m back.

So it turns out that it’s actually very easy to have your computer repaired if one is actually interested in doing so. It turns out, I was not particularly interested in doing so.

I’ve enjoyed my time away though. It was refreshing, like a vacation except that I didn’t go anywhere or do much but hang ’round the farm. And to be honest, I doubt I would’ve had a whole lot of time to write much these past couple of months. So, maybe it’s all for the best.

So much has happened. I won’t bore you with old, out-dated details about having to corral runaway pigs at 10:30 at night in the midst of a thunder storm or rescuing a goat from a tangle in the electric fence! (Probably saved his life.) Or, about the time when two of the barn cats tried to hotwire the van – oh! they grow up so fast…into hoodlums!!

But to sum up: We have goats! And they’re awesome. But unfortunately, they don’t do any tricks. The little pigs that we brought home that day now so long ago have grown into massive creatures, quite capable of knocking me down although of course they’d never dream of doing so ’cause they are gentle creatures at heart. We slaughtered and butchered our first batch of chickens a couple of weeks ago. Yup. I have taken my first chicken life and it was a lot easier than I had thought it would be. The garden was a success for the most part. Many lessons were learned. Squash plants require a lot more space than I thought!

That’s about it.

The heat seems to have largely passed and you can almost smell fall in the air. All seems to be well at WooHoo Farm. All except those hoodlum cats!


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