Lots of Wits and Cunning.

I was unaware of this – and maybe you were too – but farming can be hard work. Its not all sitting around the fireplace shelling peas and talking about ‘those crazy pigs’.

No. Farming can involve long, tedious hours of back-breaking work. I know! Who knew?

Today, I was bringing in the hay at another farm and boy, that was work. I haven’t put in a day of work like that in quite some time, and it was only a half-day!! I liked the work. I like hard work. Prefer it really. But I’m not entirely acclimatised and this was honest-to-goodness work. My arms are scratched and bloody, my hands cut up. Awesome. Truly awesome. Makes the beer just taste that much sweeter. (As if it needed any help!)

We got pulled around on a wagon by a tractor picking up bales of hay, throwing ’em on the trailer and stackin’ em up head high. Holy moly. Now, your average bale of hay isn’t in and of itself too terribly heavy, but after 50 or 60 or 200, they start getting heavier! No horsepower here, only human-power. Good thing I got lots of human-power.

Then up onto a bale pile. Tossing and hauling the bales higher and higher up into the rafter of the barn. No safety harnesses here; only your wits and cunning. Good thing I got lots wits and cunning.


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