A Change of Tack

Little known fact…pigs grow very large and rather unruly. No seriously. I kid you not…unruly. Hard to believe really, but once they get above sixty pounds, they cease being cute little piggies and begin their lives as hogs. And we all know what they say about hogs.

So they pig pen we were using, and the feeding and watering system we’d put in place – and by system read two plastic troughs manually filled by yours truly twice a day – was initially designed around the presence of little piggies…and apparently their staying that way: little. This has had to be re-evaluated in light of recent developments.

As has been reported here on this blog a couple of times, I’ve definitely had a few experiences with the pigs that one could – if one were so inclined – to describe as “educational”. Last week though, trying to get into the pig pen before the pigs were eating proved impossible. As soon as they saw me, they rushed the door in such eager anticipation of eating that they would literally crawl and jump over each other to be closer to me. (To be honest, the attention was kinda flattering, but I get the  feeling it’s not me the pigs are excited about.) Once the door was open, and where I’d once been able to use my foot to gently guide them away from the open door, they now simply rushed out. My foot now hardly a consideration!

So, past experiences not for naught, I’d set up an outer perimeter to ensure porcine containment in just such a case, and all went exactly according to plan; the pigs were contained! Success. Once food was in trough on floor in pen, pigs returned to their home and began to eat. But I’ll be honest, nothing about the affair screams professionalism, or even competence, and so I have adapted.

I no longer go in to feed the pigs. I access their trough through the side and then I go in to fill their water. Far less chaotic. Far less stress. Far less of the dog hanging on dearly to the back of one of these screeching, racing hunk of pork, trying – to her credit – to guide the pigs back into their pen. It’s more funny than effective at this point, and again, such behaviour screams neither professionalism nor even competence on the part of the dog either. Makes us both look like hacks. A couple of amateurs running round like idiots chasing pigs!

And so, I adapt.


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One Response to A Change of Tack

  1. Iaato says:

    You light up my day with the pigs and the ducks. Keep it up.

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