Steve the Cat

Three very little kittens appeared mysteriously in the barn on Friday afternoon. They’re still there now.

I called the first one Steve. Surprisingly, the name was not greeted with universal praise and acclaim. So I turn it over to you loyal reader(s) to name the kitten! Vote soon and vote often.

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6 Responses to Steve the Cat

  1. Amber says:

    I like Steve but if you were to name him something else, I would go with Jimi. You can’t have a Keith without a Mick, and you can’t have a George without a Paul, John, and Ringo. There may have been a lot of James or Jims, but there will only ever be one Jimi….

  2. Jill says:

    How ’bout bubbles?

    Jimi is also great! Maybe Jimi, Bunk and Bubbles?

    Or, Jimi, Stevie and Janice?

  3. Berg says:

    I like Steve. Or mittens.

  4. akbaxter says:

    Steve seems to be a favourite out there, so Steve it is!! The people have spoken.
    Steve Mittens the Cat. Brilliant.

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