Getting a little cocky

This morning, just for the sheer thrill of it, I let the chickens out of their little home. “Freedom!” I yelled to them. “Freedom for everyone!”

Okay, not precisely how it all went down. I had to move the chicken tractor – and for those of you wondering, no, the chickens do not drive tractors around the fields, but that would certainly be amusing, wouldn’t it – and I figured letting the chickens out would help in the moving. Now, an ordinary person might consider this pure folly, hubris at its height. But not me. Nope.

Just like a junkie, I need more everyday. A new challenge. A new obstacle to overcome. A new fix.

So after moving the home to a new spot, I prepared myself to catch chickens. They’re not yet big chickens, but they move quickly enough. Now catching one among eight is easy enough, but as the numbers dwindled and it came down to just me and her, the lone chicken still holding out, I could really feel the adrenalin pumping! Oh, the thrill of the hunt.

Eventually, of course, I prevailed after the chicken – we’ll call her Clucky for now…because she clucks – Clucky made an impressive feint to the left, stutter-stepped, and made a break for the hay bails to the back of the barn. She would’ve made it too if only the hole had been larger and she could have fit more than her teeny little head into this futile escape plan.

I wonder what I’ll do tomorrow?


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One Response to Getting a little cocky

  1. poisonplum says:

    Fun! I bought a net from the dollar store, the butter fly nets! Makes catching baby chicks very easy! Even caught my old rooster with it one day, just pooped it on his head and he stood there like “wtf did u just do to me” lol!

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