More wrangling.

There’s a lot chasing in my life these days.

Had to chase that pig around the barn a bit yesterday – and by the way, pigs squeal! it’s not a myth or an exaggeration or in any other way untrue – and then had to chase a duck around a bit in the evening.

Chasing a duck, particularly in the bushes, is no easy task. They can move rather quickly in the underbrush. I cannot.

I just realised each of the ducks has a particular personality, and the one I had to chase is just absolutely terrified of me. The leader, not so much. He (or she? who knows? who can tell?) in fact likes a good back rub.

Anyways, moral of the story is that ducks are quicker than they appear. If you have to chase one…good luck.

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One Response to More wrangling.

  1. Old Man says:

    How can you eat a duck that likes backrubs?

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