Pig wrangling

Ever tried to catch a pig?

Probably not. Well, this morning I had to catch a pig. That’s right, I had to catch a pig. Not as easy as it sounds.

As I open the pen door, the dog is supposed to keep the pigs at bay while I fill their trough with yummy, steaming – and slightly rotting – beer mash. Well, this morning, the dog was careless and negligent in her duties, and one of the pigs simply wandered away. Now this is a bit of a fear of mine…losing a pig. And since I’m here all alone at the moment – the dog having just so recently proven herself either incapable, or more likely, unwilling to help – the moment fell to me.

It is a little-known fact that pigs are extremely difficult to catch. They are a wily, and as mentioned in an earlier post, a rather crafty creature.

So, after running through my mind all the possible scenarios likely to unfold over the next few hours, I did my level best to track, corner, and eventually capture this animal that was now free to pretty much run away in any direction she chose. (The dog chose to simply follow the pig around, more in interest than in concern for my plight!)

I remembered that putting a bucket over the head of pig is a great way to get them to do what you want, but there seemed to be no buckets at hand, and really, that method presumes you can actually get the bucket on the pigs head in the first place. I chose instead to try and herd her a little.

Ever tried to herd a pig?

Probably not. Well, this morning I did. And let me tell you, not as easy as it sounds.

Finally cornered the pig and managed to get ahold of a leg.

Ever tried to pick up a squealing, squirmy pig by the hind leg?

Probably not. Well, this morning not only did I herd and corner a squealing, squirmy pig, I picked her up.

I’m now surely a qualified pig-catcher. I’m sure my laminated and notarised membership card is in the mail.

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