Good luck nature. Its on!

I was startled upright in bed the other morning by that high wailing of coyotes.

I’ve heard coyotes before, seen them – they run wild in Vancouver for goodness sake – but they have a different meaning to me now; a categorical difference! They represent a competitor…an enemy.

And for the first time in my life, I get it. I get the confrontation between man and beast, man and nature, man against other men. We are pretty insulated from the reality of the basic principle of life leading our posh middle-class existences. We question why people still fight wars, why farmers still shoot coyotes, and why our cities are increasingly experiencing waves of bear and cougar intruders. It’s all about competition: competition for resources, for food, for life.

I got up this morning, and we were missing chickens. Something sneaked up underneath the cage and absconded with three of my chickens last night. I felt an anger rise up just a little within me. And while I most certainly understand that other animals need to eat, need to live, and the circle of life and what-have-you, but whatever it was that took the chickens just took food out of my mouth. And that means war.

And so the competition has just been started, the battle begun. And I will win because I am bigger, stronger, and above all smarter the everything else. I have opposable thumbs and a huge conniving brain. And I’m hungry.

So good luck nature. Its now on!

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4 Responses to Good luck nature. Its on!

  1. Melva says:

    You go get em, the bastards!!!!

  2. Bergen says:

    Act 2, Scene 1: Enter the .22 calibre rifle

  3. akbaxter says:

    A .22? Hell no. We’re going .50 calibre or bigger if we can find something, preferably with a semi-automatic function. Grenades. Lots of grenades.

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