May Long

There’s a little thing called May Long Weekend out here in the wilds of Ontario.

Oh sure, I’d heard of this weekend before, but where I come from it is only a minor holiday, and it usually rains. Growing up in Victoria, spring often arrived in mid-February and lasted well into early July. May Two-Four just seemed to be another slap in the face by Eastern Canada…a long weekend when? Why? It’s raining. And shitty outside.

Here the date has some sort of significance. It’s usually the time when conventional wisdom dictates the end of frosty nights and the beginning of nicer, warmer days. It is, for all intents and purposes the end of Winter. It is the time of rebirth, of new beginnings, of putting away your winter jacket and snow boots and trading them in for wife-beaters and flip-flops. Its an exciting weekend.

And apparently, the date also sounds the starting pistol for an avalanche (sorry, wrong seasonal metaphor – a hurricane) of yard sales. The abandon with which they throw themselves here in Prince Edward County into the cut-throat game of yard-saleing is truly something to behold. I steered well clear myself because, being a neophyte to the fine art of yard-saleing, this opening salvo in the business of re-selling the flotsam and jetsam accumulated in the previous years of yard-saleing adventures is a real doozy. Many an inexperienced bargain seeker has sprained an elbow or even a toe in the accumulated exuberance and expectancy of a long winter hibernation unleashed in yards all along the back roads of the County.

(I dunno. That last sentence was difficult. A little belaboured. Not too sure it was necessary.)

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