The brotherhood of the beekeepers.

So now that I’m officially a ‘beekeeper’ – I’m sure my official laminated card is being put in the mail as we speak here today – I feel it necessary to remind everyone else who isn’t a beekeeper that they are in fact mere mortals and probably just slightly less of a human being than I am. I know…sounds harsh. But have you picked up a hive frame just dripping with bees, held it up to the sun and identified the queen bee amongst a pulsing mass of worker bees?

Nope. Didn’t think so.

I am now a member of an exclusive brotherhood (the sisterhood of beekeepers is a totally separate, and exclusive organisation…girl beekeepers are so snooty!) that has its own special yearly conferences – just like doctors – magazines, and even a secret handshake. Beekeepers will fight for other beekeepers in the courts and in the streets – who can forget the great beekeepers uprising of ’78 when beekeepers actually managed to set up their own anarchist society on the streets of Warsaw (Nebraska!) before being brutally put down under the shiny jackboots of the local National Guard?! Beekeepers are in fact more like a street gang/professional association than say the bus drivers’ union, who are a pretty orderly bunch by comparison.

Just glad to be(e) on board.

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