Life just got complicated!

So the calm, contented life I had been living up until this past weekend ended in a yelp of delight and terror. (The yelp of delight was from the dog who moved in…of terror, by me once I realised I was responsible for her.)

I’ve never spent much time with animals growing up. I lived with cats. But they tend to take care of themselves.

My dad had chickens for bit.

I saw a lamb being slaughtered when I was still quite young.

And well, I had a small aquarium for the past few years. But today marks the beginning of a new chapter in the life of WooHoo Farm and me, its indentured servant. Today the chicks and ducklings arrived.

(I had to pick them up from the farm store in a taxi. It was pretty classy.)

I had no idea what to expect. And then the ducklings, two of them at least, started jumping for their lives. Who knew that ducks jumped? And they can jump pretty high. I panicked. But I overcame.

Luckily the chickens don’t jump. And least not yet.

The pigs arrive soon. And I’ll be all alone. Me and the pigs, and the chickens, and the ducks. And the dog.

This is a heavy load for shoulders concerned primarily with only feeding myself.



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