“Damn Squirrels” and other notable quotes.

well, good news. no turkeys in my bedroom this morning.

but that damn squirrel has apparently made himself right at home. damn squirrel. where does he get those graham crackers?

not much to report today really, so i thought i’d throw out a quote i read the other day that really struck home.

“Mechanical efficiency is all very well – it is good, but life can be sacrificed to it. Mechanical efficiency is the ideal of materialism, but unless it is subservient to and disciplined by the spirit, it can take charge and destroy the spirit. In life, though not in mechanics, the things of the spirit are more real than material things. They include religion, poetry, and all the arts. They are the mainsprings of that culture which can make life worth while. Farming is concerned primarily with life, so if ever in farming the material aspect conflicts with the spiritual or cultural, the latter must prevail, or that which matters most in life will be lost…Farming must be on the side of religion, poetry, and the arts rather than on the side of business, if ever the two sides conflict.”

~ Lord Northbourne, Look to the Land (1940)

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