The Emperor’s Wearing the Clothes, but There’s Nothing Underneath

Woke up this morning and just sort of lay there. Not a whole lot to do today really. Light a fire. Make coffee. Check email. Then what?

The thing will be translating all the thoughts in my head into some sort of tangible action. I seem to be circling around the ‘doing’, the ‘being’ of farming. Tools, a dog, and rubber boots just aren’t enough. They are only the costume of competence. Now doing, doing is something that no number of good ideas could possibly replace. And really, that’s what life is all about in the end, the doing.

Much of what passes for life is only costume, the appearance of having meaning, having authenticity without having much meaning at all. Advertising is full of it. Our entire (consumer) culture, our economy, our governments are full of it. A lot of talk about what’s needed, about acting with integrity and truth and goodwill and very little action.

Was the world always so full of deception? When did the majority of us quit doing and simply content ourselves with good thoughts and intentions.

Me especially.

On the upside, the hardwood sure does burn slow and hot. Fantastic.

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2 Responses to The Emperor’s Wearing the Clothes, but There’s Nothing Underneath

  1. bergvermette says:

    I’m enjoying these tidbits Bax. A nice feel to them. Tell me, is that a real picture of the farm in the header?

    • akbaxter says:

      No, sorry Bergen. Not a picture of the farm I’m on…but I assume it is a picture of a real farm!

      I’ll be posting some pictures of the farm soon though.

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