Pee-like-a-she Farms

Welcome to Landucci Farms (pronounced Pee-like-a-she). Did you know that all new puppies squat to pee? And it’s only later that they actually learn to be boys dogs or girl dogs? I didn’t know that. Fascinating.

We turned off the highway, the 401 heading east, into Prince Edward County about 200 kms north of Toronto and it seemed as though we had just stepped back in time about thirty years. A classic Orange Crush sign still pinned above the door of a local corner store, a drive-in movie theatre. Stone farm houses and white picket fences. Seriously.

I only just arrived in Ontario about two weeks earlier before arriving here at the homestead at last, after two weeks in Toronto for the first time. I liked Toronto. But I’m glad to be rid of it.

Pigs like people. And not only for dinner.

Dogs love people. But you knew that already I’m sure.

Cats and chickens, involved no doubt in some sort of conspiratorial relationship, are pretty indifferent about their human overlords.

Sheep and ducks are terrified of us. They run away from people. They’ve probably got us figured out best of all the farm animals.

The enormity of the project before us here on Pee-like-a-she is beginning to dawn on me in a far more tangible way than ever before. I tried hard not to think about the farm before I got here so as not to have any expectations. But the reality is far greater and immediate than I could ever have imagined had I allowed myself. I am over-joyed. A project!

We discovered extra 20 or so acres of land in behind the swamp that was once a cleared field but has been left to go feral over the past forty years. What a find. Only problem is we have to build a bloody road through a goddam swamp to make it in any way useful! A road through a swamp!? What the fuck are we, Japanese POWs? (No offense, just a passing Bridge on the River Kwai reference. So much gold in that movie…)

Time to collect firewood.

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One Response to Pee-like-a-she Farms

  1. Misu Pee-Like-a-She says:

    I think your description of where the farm is gets you somewhere aroung Bancroft which is, just so you know, not at all where you are right now. We might need to get you a map. Although the wonky directions will make it harder for people to find us…

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